Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Thai Market

Daikon Cake
Daikon Cake, Close Up

Seitan, View One with Stunning Japanese Eggplant

Seitan Dish, View Two

Daikon Cake
From the Menu: "sautéed with spicy soy sauce, bean sprout, [egg] & chinese chive. $6"
New Mock Duck Dish
Thai Market, Morningside Heights,

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Candle 79

Candle 79 Market Plate

Clockwise from front right: Grilled Corn and Smoked Paprika, Chili Grilled Tempeh, Grilled Oyster Mushrooms, Chipotle Black Beans.

From front: Poblano-Tahini and Chipotle-Avocado

Market Plate
From the menu: Choose four food items and two sauces for $18.
Listed in order of my desire to eat them again:
1. Grilled Corn and Smoked Paprika
Excellently grilled, with a woody flavor, ample chili, achiote spiciness. The corn was perfectly in season and the spiciness was a welcome burst of flavor.
2. Chili Grilled Tempeh
Basted with a smokey barbeque. Spicy. Dense. The crunchiness in many ways echoed the texture of the corn. Despite having seemingly similar flavor profiles, they were quite different,which I attribute to the earthy umami of the fermented soy beans and tamari in the tempeh, as contrasted with the lighter, brighter flavors of the corn.
3. Sauces
Both sauces play on the balance between fat and spiciness.
Poblano-Tahini. Creamy tahini and subtle heat from poblanos. Quite good.
Chipotle-Avocado. Creamy avocado and subtle heat and smokiness from the chipotles. The flavor was a bit more subtle than the Tahini based sauce and the avocados didn't taste quite ripe; I would have liked to see a bit more avocado, to give a denser texture.
4. Chipotle Black Beans
I was a bit indifferent to these; they were earthy but didn't have enough flavor for my liking. However the softer texture was a well received counterpoint to the crunchier tempeh and corn.
5. Grilled oyster mushrooms
These were probably grilled in a foil packet, if at all, because they lacked grill marks. Oyster mushrooms are my favorite fungus and these were highly disappointing. They were served too cool, so had gotten firm and a bit stringy. Not seasoned, even with salt and pepper. My only commendation is that their blandness made them excellent vehicles for consuming the sauces.
Repeat. Candle 79 consistently serves some of the most seasonal and delicious vegan food in the entire city. I've been dozens of times and make a point to stop by every time I'm on the Upper East Side.

Candle 79, Upper East Side,

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Lula's Sweet Apothecary

Cake batter flavored soft serve with hot fudge sauce.

Lula's Sweet Apothecary, East Village,

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Roasted Vegetable Sandwich

Jerk Tofu Sandwich

Apple-Cinnamon Donut

1. Jerk Tofu Pineapple Sandwich
From the menu: "Jerk Tofu Pineapple. Smoked tofu, jerk sauce, pineapple, mixed peppers, red onions, with sweet potato fries. $ 7.81"
The smoky-flavored tofu was nice: a bit of liquid smoke without tasting like a chiminea. The sautéed red and green bell peppers together with caramelized were fairly pedestrian but added nice flavor and texture. The jerk sauce definitely wasn't what I was expecting: Pale, creamy and black peppery rather than a red-hued paprika-cinnamon-nutmeg blend. The focaccia bread has good flavor, with fresh herbs, and is soft and nicely griddled; my only complaint is that the amount overwhelms the daintier portions of the sandwich fillings.

2. Roasted Vegetable Sandwich
From the menu: "Eggplant, squash, zucchini, sun-dried tomato, Kalamata Olives, Peppers. $ 7.81"
The only additional tasting note is that there is a light balsamic dressing on the sandwich.

3. Apple-Cinnamon Donut
From the menu: Not listed. Also, I'm not sure what the price was, but together with my sandwich and tax I paid $11.50.
Gooey inside; crunchy sugar outside. Definitely not a Cake donut but nonetheless delicious.

We left feeling full but, as my companion said, in a good way. Despite the line, we were both served in about 5 minutes. There is not really sufficient space to sit but it was not a problem: we walked over to Union Square Park, where the sunlight helped to produce such gorgeous photos.

Terri, Chelsea,

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hummus Place

Lunch Special One: Hummus Mushrooms (R), with Whole Wheat and White Pitas.

Lunch Special Two: Hummus Masabacha (L), with Roasted Eggplant.

We did the lunch special, with which you choose one hummus, one appetizer, and two white or whole wheat pita for $7.95.
1. Lunch Special One
a. Falafel [Not Pictured]
From the Menu: "Five falafel balls topped with tahini and green sauce."
b. Hummus Mushrooms
From the Menu: "Topped with sautéed mushrooms, onions, olive oil, and spices."
c. Pita
From the Menu: "Home baked"

2. Lunch Special Two
a. Roasted Eggplant
From the Menu: "Roasted Eggplant, topped with tahini and lemon dressing."
b. Hummus Masabacha
From the Menu: "Topped with whole chick peas, olive oil, and spices."

Repeat. I enjoyed the hummus, pita, and falafels. Caveat emptor: I have not tried many of the other popular Middle Eastern restaurants in the city, so I have little basis for comparison. However, the quantity of food and pricing of the lunch special make an afternoon bite an attractive proposition.

Hummus Place, Multiple Locations (Featured: Upper West Side),

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Whole Foods

From the Menu: Pay by the pound Hot food Bar. Tax included, under $7.
1. Red chili joy: sweet but spicy; taro was delicious.
2. BBQ seitan: not much flavor
3. Sesame seitan: better than BBQ but still lacking; nice texture. Heat up
4. Aztec Salad: nutty, chewy nice texture,
5. Channa masala:
6. Aloo mattar: very good; tomatoey spicy
7. Samosa
8. Kale: like a guacamole salad
9. Shredded Heaven: ok; branch thing was best part: crunchy and flavorful.
10. Biryani: well seasoned. Be sure to get a mix of veg
11. Couscous: w cranberry, raisins. Nice fall flavors
12. Quinoa: healthy. A little lacking in flavor but interesting cponents. Corn and bell peppers add crunch. Temeph was nice and nutty
13. Veg tuna salad: crunchy, salty. Bay seasonig?

Whole Foods, Multiple Locations (Featured Location: Upper West Side),

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Bombay Talkie

Baigan Bharta

Sukhi Harabara Beans

1. Baigan Bharta
From the Menu: "Tandoori smoked eggplant with ginger, coriander, cumin and chilies. $14."

2. Sukhi Harabara Beans
From the Menu: "String beans, onions and tomatoes, lightly spiced with cumin, coriander, cloves, black pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamom and mango powder served with mint and coriander chutney. $16."

Repeat. A bit pricier than many Indian restaurants but Bombay Talkie offered a diversity vegan options and dishes that I haven't encountered at other restaurants, ample portions, and sumptuous flavors.

Bombay Talkie, Chelsea,