Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Vegetable Combo, with Tintimo (L), Shiro (C), Cablo (R), and Salad.

Alitcha, with Tintimo (L) and Salad

1. Vegetable Combo
From the Menu: "Shiro: Pureed chick peas cooked with ginger and seasoned with a hint of spic; Cablo: Flavorful white cabbage seasoned and cooked with green peppers; Timtimo: Tasty red lentils flavored with grounded herbs. Spicy jalapeƱo salad. Injera.

2. Alitcha
From the Menu: "Alitcha. Potatoes, collard greens, carrots, spices."
Review: a little bland.

Massawa, Morningside Heights,

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