Sunday, June 6, 2010

Whole Foods

From the Menu: Pay by the pound Hot food Bar. Tax included, under $7.
1. Red chili joy: sweet but spicy; taro was delicious.
2. BBQ seitan: not much flavor
3. Sesame seitan: better than BBQ but still lacking; nice texture. Heat up
4. Aztec Salad: nutty, chewy nice texture,
5. Channa masala:
6. Aloo mattar: very good; tomatoey spicy
7. Samosa
8. Kale: like a guacamole salad
9. Shredded Heaven: ok; branch thing was best part: crunchy and flavorful.
10. Biryani: well seasoned. Be sure to get a mix of veg
11. Couscous: w cranberry, raisins. Nice fall flavors
12. Quinoa: healthy. A little lacking in flavor but interesting cponents. Corn and bell peppers add crunch. Temeph was nice and nutty
13. Veg tuna salad: crunchy, salty. Bay seasonig?

Whole Foods, Multiple Locations (Featured Location: Upper West Side),


  1. what the hell was that "branch thing"? i am searching online and you are the first to mention it. mushroom?


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