Friday, May 28, 2010


Cape Cod Cakes

Southern Seitan Sandwich

Tuscan Portobello Sandwich

1. Appetizer
Cape Cod Cakes
From the Menu: "A blend of hiziki seaweed, herbs and spices. Served with vegan tartar sauce. $10."
Tasting: Four small cakes plated on and topped with vegan tartar sauce. The cakes have a thin, crisp breading, "seafood" seasoning (Old Bay?), hiziki (mildly salty seaweed that adds dark green color and the flavor of the sea), diced red bell pepper, and a wonderfully soft, crablike component of unknown provenance (Heart of palm? Soy?). The plate also contained shredded carrots and watercress. The cakes are a delightful interpretation of crab cakes and, as far as meat analogs go, come remarkably close (and are perhaps even better than) what they imitate. Delicious and highly recommended.

2. Sandwiches
Southern Seitan Sandwich with Fries
From the Menu: "Spiced seitan, caramelized onions, avocado, chipotle aioli. $14"
Tasting: Easily one of the best sandwiches I have ever eaten. The seitan filets (about three in the sandwich) are lightly breaded and well seasoned, with a spicy, smoky flavor. The seitan protein itself is firm but still moist. The chipotle mayo is excellently balanced, between the muted heat of its eponymous smoked jalapeƱo, the fatiness of the creamy base, and a slight sweetness, perhaps of agave. The other sandwich components include caramelized onions, adding a tangy yet molasses flavor, and several slices of creamy avocado round out the flavor profile nicely. The ciabatta roll containing the whole affair is fresh and warmly toasted, soft with nice pockets that lightly absorbs the fat of the other components.
The side option of sweet potato fries at the Cafe Blossom is my default, but the golden potato fries are also delicious: lightly seasoned with sea salt and fresh parsley, they represent the ideal ratio of the crisp exterior to the tender, creamy interior; the organic ketchup is also delicious. The side salad option, not pictured above, is also quite good: mesclun greens and pear tomatoes, with a creamy, tangy maple balsamic vinaigrette.

b. Tuscan Portobello Sandwich with Fries
From the Menu: "Grilled Portobello, roasted red peppers and caramelized onions topped with vegan mozzarella and spicy mayo. $12."

Repeat. The only possible drawback is the slightly elevated price point, but if you go at lunch, as we did, the food becomes relatively more affordable; regardless, I'm willing to pay for such well prepared food that emphasizes seasonal and organic ingredients. The ambiance and service are also very refined; great spot for a date. Overall, Blossom is perfect for meat analog novices, who couldn't possibly resist what the kitchen can prepare, and also those who prefer seasonal, minimally processed ingredients.

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