Saturday, May 29, 2010


Marinated Eggplant Sandwich

Chopped Chickpeas Sandwich

1. Marinated Eggplant Sandwich
From the Menu: "Marinated Eggplant with chickpea puree, roasted peppers, and watercress on ciabatta roll. $7.95."
Tasting: Served warm. The sandwich was a flavorful blend: the roasted peppers are red bell peppers, and additional flavor components include chopped green olives, whole fennel seeds, parsley and capers. The hearty ciabatta was necessary to sop up some of the sauce and, despite the paper wrapper, I managed to make a mess while eating because the components kept falling out. Definitely worth ordering, but perhaps not when you're on a date or on the go.

2. Chopped Chickpeas Sandwich
From The Menu: "Chopped Chickpeas with roasted peppers, black olives, lemon, and parsley on country bread. $6.95."
Tasting: Served cool. A light but satisfying sandwich, perfect for a warm summer day. The country bread was also tasty: whole wheat with an oat-topped crust.

Repeat. It was also a gorgeous day; the availability of seating in the outdoor deck area made a delicious lunch even lovelier!

'wichcraft, Multiple Locations (featured location: Chelsea),

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